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Why Create a Photo Book?

Why create a photo book?

We have all our photos on our phones, tablets or computers nowadays, so why do we ever need to print them?

Memories for the future

Having moved almost 200 miles from the house I grew up in, I noticed there’s one thing I always do when I go back home; go into the back room and get out all the old photo albums of my childhood. You know the kind, where each photo is on sticky paper and there’s a clear protective page that you have to painstakingly lay back down to ensure there are no creases.

I have so much fun looking back at the family holidays, weddings, the day to day moments over the years as I grew up. More often than not remembering amazing family moments (or the awful pink and lime green jumpsuit) that I had forgotten. I love it!

Wouldn’t it be lovely if when our little ones are adults they could do the same and look back over a gorgeous photo book of them growing up? Their first family holiday, or how silly they looked playing fancy dress.


As much as I love looking through the old photo albums, they do take up a lot of room, each photo is the same size, all slightly wonky on slightly off-white paper.

With a photo book, you can choose from a range of gorgeous designs and layouts to suit your occasion. You can choose whether to have all your photos the same size, highlight super special photos with the whole page, or mix and match from a library of expertly designed layouts, ensuring a quality, consistent and professional looking book.

Lovely organisation and storage

If you’re super organised you might print out your photo in a batch individually. Over time individual photos can get dog-eared, it’s easy to lose the odd one and they can be awkward to store.

With a photo book, your photos are protected with a beautifully designed and personalised hard backed cover. All your images are kept together in one place with no chance of losing any images, and they sit neat and tidy on your bookshelf. Photo books also allow you to add text to the designs so you can always remember what year it was or how old your little one was at the time.

Create a photo book today ensuring your little moments stay big memories.

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