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5 Unusual Themes for a Children’s Birthday Party

5 Unusual Themes for a Children’s Birthday Party

With Pinterest being the go-to tool for party theme ideas, we found some unusual but fantastic children’s birthday party theme ideas to make your guests go ‘wow’!

1) Mad-Scientist Birthday Party

Not only is this theme fun and whacky but it’s educational too! Create tasty treats that would otherwise seem gross such as edible treats that represent frogs, atoms balls and much more. Get creative with petri dishes, lab goggles and test tubes.

Enjoy DIY tricks like the Coca-Cola and Mentos explosion experiment to entertain the little scientists.

2) Aloha Birthday Party

A beach themed party with a Hawaiian twist AKA ‘Aloha parties’, are becoming increasingly popular with the introduction of that new well-known film based on a Hawaiian girl.

Get your guests in the summer mood with these beach holiday invites that can be personalised with the party details using our online editor. All you need to do is send them!

Decorate your house or the venue with a palette of vibrant colours such as yellow, tangerine and fuchsia.  Don’t forget the Hawaiian hula flower neck garland for each guest.

3) Fantastic Mr Fox Birthday Party

A Fantastic Mr Fox party is a woodland themed party with a hint of gentleman/tweed. It’s popular in the Autumn time as you can use leaves, conkers and pine cones for decorations and other crafts.

Purchase masks of foxes, badgers, rabbits, otters, stags and other woodland animals you can find.

Once you have purchased the masks, you could take a picture of your child in the mask and upload the photo to personalise this invitation card and send the invites your guests.

If you know the book well, here is an idea; fill up a big jug of apple juice with the words ‘Bean’s Cider’ written across it. Make sure to let parents know that it is just apple juice!

4) Backwards Birthday Party

A backwards birthday is exactly what you think, everything is backwards!

Here are some ideas:

  • Decorate your house with the balloons the wrong way around (blow up balloons with air, not helium, and hang with string from the ceilings to make them look like they’re upside down).
  • Eat UNDER the table with pillows to sit on, rather than eating at the table.
  • Purchase the HAPPY BIRTHDAY candles but spell them backwards on the birthday cake.

Create a personalised card at Potato Print and write the invitation backwards. Purchase this card and use the online editor to write your invitation backwards. Remember to get it right because if it’s wrong, no one is going to understand it! To help, write in small font at the bottom: ‘Please read backwards’.

5) Campout Birthday Party

Transform your garden into a campsite for an outdoor party that will make everyone a happy camper!

When your little campers arrive, send them off exploring with their own DIY binoculars made from toilet roll tubes, have an outdoor movie with blankets and treat everyone to marshmallows and sausages around a disposable BBQ (remember, a lit BBQ must be monitored by an adult always).

Customise these adventure party invitations using our online editor to enter the party details.

When it comes to thanking your guests for attending your birthday party, customise these adventure party thank you cards which has the same design as the invitations.

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