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Why Valentine’s Day Isn’t Just For Couples

Who said Valentine’s Day was only for couples? Show your love and appreciation for your family on Wednesday 14th February.

It should be a time for love, laughter and memories. We all know how important it is to make someone feel special, and it’s just as nice for us to feel loved too. That feeling you get when someone hugs you, or tells you they love you. How does it make you feel? For us, it makes us feel needed and makes us smile inside and out, which is why we’re here to help spread the love.

Cupid’s breakfast

The perfect way to win their heart is to make heart-shaped toast with a cookie cutter, followed by scattered petals on a tray, served with a side of chocolate dipped strawberries – it is Valentine’s Day after all. Then, to make it that extra bit special, snuggle up with your kids.

Spread the love

Don’t forget to include Nanny and Grandad in your Valentine’s plans. They’re bound to shed a tear or two with a handmade card from the grandchildren. Help your kids cut out two heart shapes out of card and stick them together at the edges so they can open the card. Decorate with lots of sparkle and remember to include a personal message of love.

Jar of love

We all need to be reminded of how much we’re loved and appreciated. Just seeing cute messages of love and thanks can make someone’s day. It’s so important to be able to show the kids that love goes a long way, which is why we think this jar of love is a nice sentiment.

Grab some red and pink coloured paper or card and cut into small strips. Throughout the day write a message of love, thanks or something that will brighten up the kids’ day. At the end of the day, empty the jar on the table and read them out.

Snuggles time

There’s nothing better than snuggling up with the kids and watching a film – we’d love to know what your favourite film is. We think some jelly hearts and love heart sweets will go down a treat with the kids.

Made with love

A great way to help spread the love is by baking some heart shaped cookies and sharing them with the rest of the family. We think pink icing with heart sprinkles will look sweet, or you could even try piping ‘I love you’ to really get into the spirit. You could add the final touches by keeping your perfect bake recipes in a stylish recipe binder to use for the next Valentine’s Day.

Capture the day

We don’t want you to have gone to all this effort and made so many lovely memories along the way to then not capture them! We think a scrapbook would be perfect for sharing some of these special moments, whilst making it another family bonding session. If you’d like to reflect on who your family is and get a book out to share some great love and laughter, then a My Family photobook is just the thing!

We’re sure you’ll have a great time together and we’d love to hear how you got on. Tweet us @potatoprintuk. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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